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2014 January - New Modular CNC Table design allows material loading from all sides

Our new modular tables assebled on site to large sizes eg. 3m x 12m. All CNC mechanics are under the table surface for easy material handling from any side by forklift or crane.

2013 April - CNC Plasma Cutting Consumables World Record?

One of our customers who recently purchased our latest GT-Plasma15 with advanced cut control has achieved an incredible 3,800 pierces on one set of consumables cutting 2mm steel!

Could this be a world record for plasma cutting consumables?

2012 June - CNC Plasma Digital Cutting control system includes Ohmic sensing

Our latest CNC DTHC now interfaces directly with the Plasma power-pack to control the cut current, voltage and related parameters during cutting. This advanced control of all cutting functions further improves cut quality and reduces costs with extended consumable life.

2011 December - CNC Plasma now with Digital Torch Height and Torch Current Control

The first fully automatic Digital Torch Height control. All torch settings are set in the CAM software. No knobs to set - simply select the appropriate material cut profile and all setting are automatically loaded.

2011 October - CNC Plasma

New Wide-screen display developed for our latest CNC Plasma machines

2011 August - Manuel Reis appointed to CSIR's National Robotics Strategy Steering Committee


Plasma Advantages

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Oxy Acetylene is the traditional, manual way of cutting steel, and CNC Laser is often seen as the only alternative due mainly to its accuracy and the narrow cut it produces. Plasma cutting has made great advances in cut quality and is the ideal cutting process for most applications. What are the advantages of Plasma cutting and how does the process compare to Oxy-acetylene and Laser cutting?


Plasma Power Units

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We recommend the Hypertherm Powermax Range for their excellent build quality and reliability. The higher the power rating of the plasma power unit, the greater the duty cycle is at lower current output settings. Select a more powerful unit if you plan to cut most of the dayl. If you will be using your machine frequently, but not continuously, consider a unit that is capable of cutting the thickest material you are likely to work with.


Plasma Torch Height Control

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The Grip-Tech Plasma Torch height control system is an advanced Z axis control that enables our machines to cut all metals, even rusted or warped materials, equally accurately and ensure a consistently high cut quality with minimal or dross free cuts.