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Wheel protection armouredFrustrated with theft of your expensive wheels?

Auto-Grip® Truck wheel locks provide effective security for all steel and forged aluminium wheels, and spare wheels.

Designed with advice from fleet owners, our wheel locks provide cost-effective protection without the need for special tools or skills, and have been endurance tested on freighter trucks and long-haul super-links. These unique locks are available for all European, American and East-Asian trucks and trailers.


TMG32-1The TMG Truck Wheel Lock range is part of our unique Auto-Grip®Wheel Security system for Cars, SUVs, and Commercial vehicles..

Our truck locks are endorsed by insurance companies and have been fitted to mixed vehicle fleets by companies with branches through-out Southern Africa. They are the only wheel locks approved by VESA and have received press coverage in publications such as the Engineering News (get local copy here), Fleetwatch, and several Endorsements.


The risk of stolen wheels impacts not only on the replacement cost, but also related accidents involving the truck and trailer, its load, and third party vehicles. These costs can run to millions .. and poor service delivery.

TMG41-4Grip-Tech's truck wheel locks handle the high torque and related stresses on wheel nuts ... and maintain security while not impeding quick wheel changes at night and in remote locations.A key feature is that, if the security is compromised due to lost or stolen keys, the lock codes can be changed cost-effectively and quickly, because only the bolt lock needs to be replaced, not the complete wheel lock.


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Auto-Grip Truck Wheel Lock Features

  • Designed with advice from fleet owners.
  • Endurance tested on rough terrain long-haul trucks.
  • Cost-effective protection for all steel and aluminium wheels.
  • For European, American and Asian trucks, Trailers and spare wheels.

Auto-Grip TMG Truck Lock Range – OEM spec 3 part locks TMG30-22B

  • High Security – Slip-ring cover prevents access to wheel nut. Recessed lock bolt has internal key profile and center core. Superior security that effectively resists the use of common tools.
  • Easy Installation – Simply fit the wheel nut and torque normally, attach slip-ring cover with lock bolt. Tighten lock bolt with key and 17/19 socket wrench. No other tools required.
  • Code-able Locks and Keys – Auto-Grip lock bolts and spare keys are available and easily replaceable.
  • High Quality – High-grade steel locks, electroplated for long lasting corrosion resistance. Cover internally sealed to nut with o-rings to prevent vibration and accumulation of road dirt.

Auto-Grip TMS Truck Lock Range – CNC machined lock nuts and keysTMS30-1

  • Machined from high strength steel to grade 8.8 or 10.8 specification.
  • Slip-ring fits between nut and wheel rim to protect coded lock nut.
  • Unique customer key codes available.
  • High Quality – High-grade steel locks, electroplated for long lasting corrosion resistance.TMS30