The GT Rotary Drum Washer is a side entry rotary drum washer for small parts that are conveniently loaded and automatically discharged from the same side. The perforated Stainless-Steel drum has 3mm holes and is designed for parts with narrowest cross-section greater than 4mm. It is driven by a high reduction worm-gear drive and programmable inverter to control the complete washing operation. During the washing cycle, the drum rotates to draw the loaded parts into the drum and gently tumble them as they are jetted with washing solution for a pre-set washing time. The solution immediately drains into the sump and is recirculated. The drum is reversed to drain and discharge just the parts into a container


  • Space: 2m x 2m level floor area.
  • Power: Single phase 220Vac wall socket within 3m of the machine.
  • Aqueous Washing solution: +- 50litres (non-foaming).
  • Wash Load: Max. 25Kg parts greater than 4mm narrowest cross-section